From Heart to Paper Spring 2018 Writing Workshop

Writing is Easy.


Flicker in Spring

The Spring 2018 From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop give you the opportunity to reflect, write, share, revise, and read aloud your own work. You will also enjoy reading, listening. giving feedback and appreciating the work of renown, published writers and writers like yourself.


Elite From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop
Six Sessions
Private home in Pinole
Fee: $225.00. 10% off for previous From Heart to Paper students

Wednesday evenings  6:30PM – 8:30PM
April 18 – May 22, 2018

Here’s what students said about recent From Heart to Paper workshops:

This class is very stimulating for the mind and good spiritual practice. —Rene

There are so many opportunities to get feedback on writing but no pressure to produce or deadlines that might cause anxiety. —Beverly 

I was surprised by the variety of inspirations.The opportunity to share interpretations with the class.The gentle nudging to create without the pressure to do so. —Louise

Margaret’s written comments are invaluable to my revising process. —Sue

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Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?
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“A flower is never opened with a hammer.”
This is the motto of the From Heart to Paper Workshops. The workshops give you space, time, tools and encouragement to focus on your writing projects as well as the opportunity to receive helpful, encouraging feedback.


What will I experience at a From Heart to Paper Workshop?

At the From Heart to Paper Workshop, you’ll find:

  • Passionate writers and readers
  • Tools to master your writing dreams
  • Opportunity to re-unite with your unique self-expression
  • Pleasure of learning from other writers like yourself
  • Time to write

Margaret C. Murray, the author of three novels, Spiral, Dreamers and, will inspire you with confidence, knowing you have more and better tools to achieve your writing goals. You will have the opportunity to write, read aloud, give and receive feedback, and revise your work.

Who is the Workshop for?

The Workshop is for both fiction and non-fiction writers of prose and poetry at any level.

Each workshop is dedicated to a featured author. Each session is customized to fit your writing needs; for example, if there are poets, we may well read A Poet’s Handbook by Mary Oliver. Each 2-hour session builds upon the previous session.

What is covered in the Workshop?

Session Topics are based on the individual needs of participants and include:

  • Make a writing contract for this workshop
  • Explore beginnings: What makes you want to read more?
  • The writing process: What matters in what order during the process? By the final draft?
  • Characters: What makes them come alive to the reader? How do you keep them alive?
  • The right words: How do you discover them? How do you know you have them?
  • Elements of the story/poem/memoir: What is necessary? What is extraneous?
  • The pleasures of writing: Value of grammar, sentence construction, context
  • Endings: How do you know when you’re finished?

Have questions? email [email protected]