Student Testimonials

What did you like most about the From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop?

I liked the dialogue, listening to a two-way conversation about my writing between the instructor and a co-participant writer.—Colleen W.

What have you learned that surprised or delighted you?

How confusing some of my poetry writing is for others—that it’s okay to be transparent so that the meaning is more accessible,.—Colleen W.

I liked the exercises. Journaling was challenging, but very helpful. I also enjoyed reading excerpts from F.Scott Fitzgerald. —Keiko Y.

Margaret’s Workshop is the least stressful writing class I’ve ever attended.—Norma M.

This class is very intimate and everyone gets an opportunity to share their thoughts. I liked whenever we talked about what worked in a piece, for example The Great Gatsby, in our own words. —Carol S.

I feel like I’ve learned so much about writing and reading, things I’ve never thought about before, specifically to slow down and appreciate the beauty of phrasing and the unusual use of words.. —Vann F.

What I like most is that it taught me that a rewrite is okay. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. . . That writing is like meditation or yoga. It’s a practice and brings more presence in life.—Linda M.

The excitement that Margaret creates for the written word and for literature in general. When I go to this class, it is as though I’ve passed through a gate into a world where words can change you. Margaret is sensitive to each of her student’s needs.—Crispin T.

Being in contact with other writers. Exposure to other authors and books.—Billie S.

Margaret has created a learning environment–through use of multiple strategies that has made the class most inspiring and stimulating. Her personality has made this class bigger than life. I have been changed by the process.—Aduni L.

A command to write! Permission to write! An excuse to take the time to examine my life to now, and my inner self, without feeling guilty.—Vivienne L.

I love the other students and the way Margaret brings them out.—Rose D.

What have you learned in this class that surprised and/or delighted you?

I was surprised that I could do short writing (journaling) as I was challenged by time. Writing something meaningful was good for me. —Keiko Y.

Finding a new way to discuss and give feedback on a piece written by a student.—Carol S.

Margaret leaves you feeling empowered. Her coaching style is gentle, exactly what a fear-filled person like myself needs.—Norma M.

That once I get myself started, writing can be fun, engaging, and satisfying.—Linda M.

I learned that reading other author’s work helped to inspire my own. I learned to take a simple idea and expand on it.—Jose H.

I think the entire class has surprised me. It’s hard to imagine reaching my age and not thinking about these things but I was used to writing with “just the facts”. All of that has changed.—Vann F.

The use of my favorite writer, Tony Hillerman. The different personalities and points of view of the other class members.—Billie S.

I was delighted by Zora Neal Hurston’s amazing prose, by learning that Shakespeare left out motives for his villains to touch his audience in a different way.—Rose D.

That I can still do it! My brains and my memories are all pretty much intact after 22 years of being a Mom.—Vivienne L.

I learned that I could stick to a writing contract and be productive.—Aduni L.

What in your opinion could be added or changed to make the class even better?

Ensure more time devoted to reading our work in class. Make it an expectation to that each person bring 1-2 pages to read aloud each week. —Carol S.

I’d like to have more opportunity to write spontaneously, not preparing it beforehand. That kind of open space is what I need. —Keiko Y.

More class sessions. Longer class periods.—Linda M.

An All-Day Workshop where there is more time. —Crispin T.

Doing my homework.—Rose D.

The class is great as it is. I just feel it was not enough time. You start to really get engaged and then it is all over.—Wayne P.

Would you recommend this class to others? Why?

There were many challenges and skills I acquired here in a short period of time. —Keiko Y.

Yes, I liked the combination of journaling, discussing a piece of literature, reading and critiquing submissions. —Carol S.

Yes! Margaret will support your desire to write, no matter how new or old your passion for writing. Margaret provides a safe space to open up and explore what you bring to the page.—Crispin T.

Most definitely. This class prepares you for success as a writer by laying the foundation.—Aduni L.

This class is great for anyone trying to write who is stuck on where to start or end.—Jose H.

Yes! If like me you need a push to get you started, this is it.—Linda M.

Definitely. Because it gives you hands-on experience to put heart to paper. You are challenged to dare to be great, or even to make mistakes, in an environment that is welcoming and non-judgmental.—Wayne P.

I would recommend this class to others because it puts us in touch with our deepest hidden thoughts. Writing is cathartic and healing; it lets the sun shine into our darkest spaces inside; it’s therapeutic. It has given me back self confidence that I have been missing for so many years. I have allowed my family’s scorn for my “purple” way of looking at life to infect my spirit and this class has encouraged me to blossom outward yet again, and damn the torpedos!—Vivienne L.

Yes, because flowers need help opening.—Rose D.

I would definitely recommend this class, even for non-writers, as it broadens one’s knowledge of writing and adds to the appreciation of good writing. —Vann F.

“Never open a flower with a hammer.”


—From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop motto