Student Testimonials

What did you like most about the From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop?

Margaret is nothing short of inspirational! In her quiet, compassionate way, she leads us would-be authors through a maze of knowledge which in turn opens our eyes to all kinds of risk taking in our writing.—Angela M.

It provided me much needed SKILLS. It kept me organized and inspired to continue working on my novel.                                            — Charlene T.

It was great to be around other writers and give and receive feedback and encouragement. —Diamond H.

The class provided feedback and a positive environment to share my work. — Jennifer A.

I love that it inspires me to tap into my imagination. I love the people I’ve met and how we are all so different but are bonded through the love of writing.                                                                      — Winnonah M.

What have you learned that surprised or delighted you?

I was surprised that my writing can be well-received by others. I feel led to pursue writing more. — Laura R.

I learned I can write without procrastination. — Najah R.

Pursuing a career as a professional writer is not impossible.                —Diamond H.

This class is very intimate and everyone gets an opportunity to share their thoughts. I liked whenever we talked about what worked in a piece, for example, The Great Gatsby, in our own words. — Carol S.

Margaret has created a learning environment through the use of multiple strategies that has made the class most inspiring and stimulating. Her personality has made this class bigger than life. I have been changed by the process. — Aduni L.

A command to write! Permission to write! An excuse to take the time to examine my life to now, and my inner self, without feeling guilty.— Vivienne L.

What have you learned in this class that surprised and/or delighted you?

Daily journaling and our own journaling in class is an effective way to hone our skills on writing about a variety of topics. And how ONE WORD prompt can produce many stories in just 10 minutes.— Cyra A.

That once I get myself started, writing can be fun, engaging, and satisfying.— Linda M.

I learned that reading other author’s work helped to inspire my own. I learned to take a simple idea and expand on it.—Jose H.

I have improved by taking advice from Margaret and other writers. I have become friends with the writers.  — Beverly D.

I learned that I could stick to a writing contract and be productive. — Aduni L.

What in your opinion could be added or changed to make the class even better?

Add more sessions! — Diamond H.

Have it all year long!  — Charlene T.

An All-Day Workshop where there is more time.                                   — Crispin T.

The class is great as it is. I just feel it was not enough time. You start to really get engaged and then it is all over.—Wayne P.

Would you recommend this class to others? Why?

Yes. The way the author’s writing is reviewed in class, where the author has no input, is very
eye-opening. — Cyra A.

Yes, particularly if they are feeling discouraged or overwhelmed in regards to their writing dreams. — Diamond H.

Yes! This class re-sparked the flame inside of me that had been a dull burn for years.—Winnonah M.

Most definitely. This class prepares you for success as a writer by laying the foundation.—Aduni L.

This class is great for anyone trying to write who is stuck on where to start or end.—Jose H.

Yes! If like me you need a push to get you started, this is it.—Linda M.

Definitely. Because it gives you hands-on experience to put heart to paper. You are challenged to dare to be great, or even to make mistakes, in an environment that is welcoming and non-judgmental.—Wayne P.

I would recommend this class to others because it puts us in touch with our deepest hidden thoughts. — Vivienne L.


“Never open a flower with a hammer.”
—From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop motto