The only review any author wants is a good review. True or False?

“Why does Annie keep coming back?” my friend keeps asking, talking about the main character in my newly published novel, Dreamers, a coming of age love story of the ’60s. Annie’s a white girl who falls in love with Thomas, a black actor. It’s the height of the Civil Rights movement and they’re both in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m at my son’s wedding, sitting at a table, listening to my friend across a centerpiece of lovely flowers.

Talk-story in Boulder Creek

January’s a good time for a story. This coming Thursday evening (1/12/12) I’ll be at the Luminescence Day Spa in Boulder Creek, CA, drumming and reading from my novels. If I’m lucky and the stars are aligned, I’ll see a few of you book lovers there too. Perhaps some dreamy mystics or intellectual woodsmen and woodswomen will come into Boulder Creek from the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains or the wild, lonely Pacific beaches. If so, they’ll hear more about Settings and the Sun. Settings–places–are very important to me. Pittsburgh. Africa. California…Santa Cruz.

Solstice Writing in Yosemite Valley

Imagine you have all the needed tools to express yourself fully. Paper, pen, intention. You have the light, the power, and the focus. You are writing with a group who share your love for the magnificent valley of Yosemite.

Celebrate the Summer Sun! Bring Your Drum!

What is a summer solstice? It is the longest day of the year and occurs when the earth is tilted closest to the sun. On June 14th, 2010 at 7PM, I’m having a book reading of my novel,, “a mystery in another dimension”, at the brand new city of Hercules library. Come!

Press Release – Evening with the Author

Pinole, California –Local author Margaret Murray will read from her new book,, on Wednesday, July 22, 2009, at the Pinole Public Library, 2935 Pinole Valley Road, from 6:30—7:30PM. There will be Indian drumming and a slideshow of the ruins of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Snacks will be served and the admission is free.

Contact: David Zwicker, 415-309-5036, [email protected]

Sometimes it takes more than one lifetime.“In her, Margaret Murray gives us a mystery novel in a new dimension moving us from Post 9/11 Silicon Valley to the Ancient Anasazi of the Southwest,” wrote famed mystery writer, Tony Hillerman.