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Free! Dreamers ebook. Happy Birthday, Jonas!

Jonas with a friend, South Africa, 12/1/11

Just in time for my son’s birthday on May 17th, my novel, Dreamers, is coming out as an ebook. And for a short time I’m offering it for free in honor of Jonas Goslow, my youngest son.

A book is like a child. After I had Jonas, I said, “My next child will be a book.” I knew which book too, because I’d already been working on Dreamers for years (It had another title back then.)


Dreamers is an interracial “romance” that took me over forty years to turn into a book. Why the quotes? Honestly, I hate romance novels but now I’ve written one, well, sort of. How amazing to publish it at all!  And now it’s an ebook! Who could have imagined ebooks in 1969?

December, 2011, South Africa
Jonas Calling from a South African Restaurant


Who could have imagined such a son like Jonas? Okay, I confess. This post is just one big birthday card. And the present is Dreamers, just published as an ebook. In honor of  Jonas’ birthday, May 17th! For you.

Free. For 3 days only. And it’s easy on Smashwords!

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.A Coming of Age Love Story of the '60s

by Margaret C. Murray

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Published by Margaret C. Murray

Margaret C Murray is a bold Bay Area author whose works burst from an imagination brimming with magical realism. Her novels take place within poignant and vibrant historical contexts, telling stories that draw parallels between disparate worlds and times. She speaks to the enchantment of human existence. Margaret is the founder and director of Writewords Press.

6 thoughts on “Free! Dreamers ebook. Happy Birthday, Jonas!”

  1. Judy Magness says:

    How appropriate! If ever there was a child to be proud of, it’s Jonas! And from what I’ve heard the book isn’t too bad either. I’m dying to read it.

  2. Chris Goslow says:

    Happy Birthday, Brother man! Nice job with this e-mail, mom. Great to see you moving forward. Now where’s my free e-book?!?

  3. Shelley Buck says:

    Happy birthday Jonas! And happy birth, Dreamers ebook! Two events to celebrate. Bravo!

  4. Barrie Grenell says:

    Congratulations, Jonas! I’ve always been impressed with your work. I wish you the best for many birthdays to come. And, Margaret, now that I have an ereader, I can obtain and read Dreamers. I’m in LA for a while, have been here a while, and about to finish the last paper book I brought so glad to have new material to put on my ereader. Barrie

  5. Liam says:

    Happy Birthday Jonas. Hi Margaret. Thank you for thinking of this. I am curious.

  6. Kristina Strömberg says:

    Margaret, I do know you are very proud of all your children, they are talented all of them. I know because you told me so. I do understand when you say a book can be as a child, it take big effort to take care of children and I am sure it take big effort to write a book. You have the gift! Lots love, Mitakuye Oyasin, Kristina

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