I’m picking up the chocolates!

Tonight I’m driving into Sebastopol to pick up the chocolates for my Dreamers book event tomorrow. Yes, I’m going all out showcasing my new novel, Dreamers, with dark chocolate, live music, and authors Shelley Buck and Alice Rogoff reading with me. It would be great to see you there too.

Dreamers Book Launch
November 10, 2011, 12:30 – 1:30PM
Alexander Book Company
50 Second Street, San Francisco

A Coming of Age Love Story of the '60s
A Coming of Age Love Story of the '60s

It’s the 1960s in America at the height of the Civil Rights showdown. Street-savvy Thomas, desperate for stardom, meets music student, Annie, desperate for love. To impress his struggling family, Thomas drives a flashy borrowed car home to Pittsburgh and is involved in a minor accident. What was a fender bender in a Christmas storm escalates into a confrontation with police and he becomes a fugitive.

In the suburbs, Annie evades yet another Christmas family fight by going to the theater, bumping into Thomas afterwards and mistaking him for the star. They’re both in the wrong place at the wrong time. But they’re dreamers. 

Published by Margaret C. Murray

Margaret C Murray is a bold Bay Area author whose works burst from an imagination brimming with magical realism. Her novels take place within poignant and vibrant historical contexts, telling stories that draw parallels between disparate worlds and times. She speaks to the enchantment of human existence. Margaret is the founder and director of Writewords Press.

7 thoughts on “I’m picking up the chocolates!”

  1. Elspeth Benton says:

    Good luck tomorrow, Margaret! Not possible to join you for the book launch (or the chocolate, darn it!) but I’ll be sending good thoughts.


    1. margaret says:

      Dear Elspeth, Thank you! I’ve been thinking of your novel, Crucial Time, since my book launch of Dreamers. How could I not–I left for South Africa within the week.

  2. Ko Blix says:

    Dear chocolate-baiting well-publicizing highly motivated & talented writer Margaret,
    i was truly inspired to drive all the way to Sebastopol and write it in my daybook, but to find Friday am volunteering to prepare for and attend and photograph Veteran’s Day Vigil at Crosses of Lafayette.
    Sigh-inara, Ko

  3. Janet Postigo says:

    Hi, Margaret,
    Sorry I can’t be there today. Have a great day. Looking forward to reading your new book!

    Love, Janet

    1. margaret says:

      Thank you, Janet. Maybe I’ll see you on Christmas!

  4. Naida West says:

    Good luck, Margaret!! Wish I could be there. I’m nursing my hubby these days — 5 bypasses, replacement of part of the main aorta, and valve repair. 8 days in the hospital, and now home for 7 days. I can’t leave him for more than a couple hours. That’ll go on for about a month.

    1. margaret says:

      Merry Christmas, Naida. I missed you at the Dreamers launch. Since then I traveled to Africa! I don’t have words to describe the trip. Here’s a toast to you for your selfless nursing of your husband. The power of partnership is awesome.

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