Spiral, An epic adventure of magic realism in the ancient Southwest

Spiral by Margaret C. Murray plunges the reader into a whole gripping, magic world spiraling in crisis at the end of a culture that built Great Houses as big as the Roman Coliseum when medieval Europe was still in the Dark Ages. Young Willow waits by a dry, dusty Chaco Canyon riverbed for her lover. But when he finally comes it is just to say goodbye. Betrayed, Willow turns to a gentle hunter of her own Coyote Clan with whom she has a son. She cannot know the ruling Elders are even then plotting to sacrifice the baby to the sun dagger or that her mother and husband will be disappeared in their struggle to save him.

Between the covers of Spiral

“It was the most special of days, the fall equinox, a time of equal day and night in the canyon, the center of the world, and above the canyon too on the flat mesa tops with their sinkholes, badlands, scarce pinyon and twisted juniper.
Willow waited by Chaco Wash in her best deerskin skirt, biting her lip. She stood very still, small for her age. . .” From Spiral by Margaret C. Murray: Chapter 1, Center of the World

Live Streaming Talk — Writing Spiral

Live Steaming Video of Margaret C. Murray talking about her new novel, Spiral, with her son. For a limited time, when you order Spiral, you will receive a free ebook of Sundagger.net, the sequel to Spiral. “In her Sundagger.net, Margaret Murray gives us a mystery novel in a new dimension, moving us from Post 9/11 Silicon Valley to the Ancient Anasazi of the Southwest.” — Tony Hillerman, famed Southwest mystery writer

Spring 2023 From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop Live!

Whether you are a beginning or long-time writer, or reader with a story that haunts you, Margaret C. Murray’s Summer 2021 From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop will support you in writing and completing your work. We will be using Zoom during the Coronavirus quarantine.

Butterfly Song

  Have you ever stopped to watch a butterfly’s soft flight of light and color leaving you with a feeling…