Create Your Own World

Create Your Own World

For over 10 years writers have been attending From Heart to Paper Writing Workshops because the Workshop allows for the possibility a writer imagines to come true.

“My writing was a stalled train sitting at the station.
Then From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop
came along and showed me how to fuel the process forward.
Now the train has left the station and I’m writing every day.”– Caroline

From Heart to Paper Workshop teaches you how to write unconditionally.

Your work is given consistent attention and encouragement along with careful, helpful suggestions. You learn from reviewing other writers’ work in the workshop. You have the opportunity to read the masters, comparing and contrasting the work of renown writers from the present and past.

The ability of writers to imagine what is not the self,
to familiarize the strange and mystify the familiar,
is the test of their power. – Toni Morrison

SUMMER 2022 From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop via Zoom

Classes                         6 Tuesday evenings
Dates                            July 12 — August 16, 2022
Time                             7:00PM to 8:30PM Pacific Time
Fee (Reduced!)            $165.00*

To REGISTER for the Summer Workshop, Choose your option and click the Paypal Button below.

New & Returning Writers

FALL 2022 From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop via Zoom

Classes                        7 Tuesday evenings
Dates                           September 27 — November 8, 2022
Time                            7:00PM to 8:30PM Pacific Time
Fee                               $185.00*

To REGISTER for the Fall Workshop, choose your option and click the Paypal Button above.

*Returning Workshop writers receive a 10% discount.

When you write, you want to get rid of the world, don’t you?
Of course you do. When you’re writing, you’re creating your own worlds.” – Stephen King

Margaret C. Murray presenting Spiral, an epic adventure of the ancient Southwest

 A professional writer and teacher, Margaret C. Murray has been leading From Heart to Paper Writing Workshops for over ten years.  At present Margaret is completing her fifth novel. She is the author of Dreamers,, Spiral and Pillow Prayers. She is also the publisher of Writewords Press.

To read what her students say about the workshop, click on Testamonials.  

For more about Margaret C. Murray’s From Heart to Paper Writing Workshop, click here.

Published by Margaret C. Murray

Margaret C Murray is a bold Bay Area author whose works burst from an imagination brimming with magical realism. Her novels take place within poignant and vibrant historical contexts, telling stories that draw parallels between disparate worlds and times. She speaks to the enchantment of human existence. Margaret is the founder and director of Writewords Press.

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